Oct 01

Exquisite photography by John Layton

Monday, October 1 – Monday, December 31, 2018

Event Time:

Stanhope and Spencer Gallery
342 Main Street, Rockland

On October 5th, Newbury, Vermont based photographer John Layton will open with a selection of his large format photographs, at the Stanhope and Spencer Gallery, located at 342 Main St., as part of Rockland’s “First Friday” event. For nearly half a century, John Layton has been embracing the traditions of film and darkroom based large format photography. His photographs of the desert southwest and of New England’s mountains, forests, islands, and coasts, have graced gallery walls in New York and throughout New England, and have earned him several awards. John has recently pushed his artistic vision further by creating, in his darkroom, a new series of large (30 x 40 inch) photographic prints, a selection of which will be featured, for the first time ever, at the upcoming Stanhope and Spencer exhibit. Mr. Layton, who earned an MA in photography and eduction from Goddard College, and who has taught photography for many years in a number of college and workshop settings, creates all of his work by hand…including his cameras - the latest of which has garnered several photographic industry awards as well as a patent.
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