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Jul 06

Rockland Lunchtime Culinary Walking Tour

Monday, July 6 –

Event Time: 10:45am

meet in front of Ada's Kitchen
449 Main ST, Rockland

- You may already have heard about the culinary scene here, and it is well worth the praise. From farm to table freshness and seafood right off the shore, award winning chefs and creative brewers of all kinds, chocolatiers, candy makers, and more, this town has something for every taste bud to enjoy. - The mid-coast culinary talent goes way back in time. Did you know... that a diner owner in Rockland lays claims to the creation of the first lobster roll? That a former resident of the town invented, not the donut, but the hole in the donut? And, a man known as the "father of coffee breaks" in the early 1800's hails from Rockland? He got his workers off the "grog" and onto the grounds! - Learn a bit about the history and a whole lot of the current culinary scene on this 3-hour lunchtime tour. We will entertain and educate you while you enjoy the local flavors and talents of the town.
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