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My name is Sheila Lowe, I am an District Sales Coordinator with Aflac. I live local to the the Mid-Coast and serve the Mid-coast area. I have passion about what I do and how I can help people. In this changing health care landscape, Aflac offers products that help strengthen your employee’s medical coverage (to help with expenses they’re not prepared to pay). Here’s how: We pay cash benefits regardless of any other insurance coverage your employees have in place, including policies available through government health care exchanges. By providing your employees with the resources to keep their minds off of their finances, you can keep their focus on their jobs. Through affordable premiums, our plans help manage health care-related costs that can be overwhelming for you and your employees. We provide employees cash benefits to help pay for those out-of-pocket costs, at no direct cost to your business. Employee Productivity ; More than 50 percent of employees wish their employer offered voluntary insurance. Here’s why: Our supplemental plans help to build employee confidence by rounding out what major medical doesn’t provide. These voluntary insurance plans can raise levels of job satisfaction and help people feel more financially prepared to cope with possible life events. Attracting and Retaining Talent; Having a strong benefits package is key to attracting employees. Aflac policies help boost your benefits by rounding out what major medical doesn’t provide. Employees will have more confidence knowing Aflac’s supplemental coverage will help them in case of an illness or accident. Potential Tax savings; Most Aflac insurance policies are available on a pre-tax basis, resulting in potential tax- savings for your employees and your company.