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Greener Grounds Tick Control

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25 Ingraham Dr
Owls Head, ME 04854
(207) 390-5628

A tick spray application for your yard is a great way to help protect your family and pets from all types of ticks in Maine. We use an organic based pesticide that kills ticks and acts as a natural tick repellent for yard applications. Using state of the art equipment, we apply the product to rock walls, perennial gardens, leaf litter, and brush to create a barrier with products that are safe for people, safe for the environment and safe for pets. The product is a 25b exempt, meaning it is exempt from EPA registration because of its benign nature. Anything can be harmful if used improperly, so our technicians go through a thorough training program to ensure the application is done in a safe, effective manner. Tick-borne diseases are growing at an alarming rate in Maine, and our tick spray products will kill and repel all types of ticks to provide the protection you need.