Lobster Buoy Campsites

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280 Waterman's Beach Rd,
South Thomaston, ME 04860

Lobster Buoy Campsites was started in 1969 by Fred and Mabel Batty. We started small, with five campsites, and have grown slowly to the current forty sites. We have tried not to commercialize our area, preferring to keep things simple and to the like of the old-fashioned camper. Our guests enjoy the camping experience and demand no additional entertainment.

Little has change at Lobster Buoy over the years, except the camping families are now into the fourth generation. We have attempted to keep the campsites updated but unchanged. The mackerel and stripers arrive around the fourth of July and the schooners still sail past on their seagoing adventures. Lobster boats still work and the kayaks and sailboats still play in the cove in front of the campsite. Fred no longer tells his stories around the campfires, but the ducks, loons, and gulls still carry on their conversations while they fish in the ocean in front of the campsites.
We have a two week maximum stay, no minimum.

We have a few sites large enough for the big RVs. We hope that every campsite has a view of the ocean and we trust our campers to position their rigs and vehicles with consideration for their neighbors whenever possible