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PICA OVERVIEW We are an award-winning creative services agency located in midcoast Maine. For the past 16 years, we have worked with engaged and influential organizations throughout Maine and beyond. We pride ourselves on the creative that we deliver to our clients along with outstanding customer service. We are recognized for the relationships we build with our clients and for our ability to dovetail creative services with our clients’ needs. Our capabilities include brand strategy, marketing, design, public relations, digital publishing (DPS), web/mobile development and more. Our range of capabilities in-house result in: 1) brand stewardship across disciplines; 2) time and cost savings working through one agency; and 3) a trusted partner who is invested in our clients' success. Simply put, 
we use our collective talents to challenge conventional thinking and develop solutions that create authentic, appreciable impact for our clients. This is how we distinguish ourselves and create a difference for our clients. CORE VALUES Partnership is our number-one strength. Solid communication, creative collaboration and efficient work-flow characterize our work style. As we discover a client’s goals and aspirations, we mobilize expertise, ideas, and resourcefulness to create successful campaigns and outcomes. Our ability to integrate with client organizations is one of our strongest assets. Service is more than a word, it’s an obligation. We are a service agency, so we put ourselves into our clients’ shoes (figuratively) on a regular basis and ask ourselves, “Are we satisfied with the results? Can we do more?” With all projects — big or small — we endeavor to exceed expectations. Responsibility is a fundamental building block of our company. As designers and communicators we are compelled to affect change for the better. It is our social responsibility to leverage our voice and creativity to make this happen. APPROACH AND METHODOLOGY We believe that our approach is different from our competitors’ because we think holistically. We strive to investigate a challenge in all dimensions and allow ourselves to listen and consider thoughtful ideas via an organic, collaborative process with our clients that maximizes input, inspiration and creativity. 
We then mobilize the strength and character of our team members to implement and realize the solution. We are driven by the creative process and the mutual achievements attained through collaboration with our clients. PROCESS The best way to describe how we work is by “absorption.” 
We research, discover and immerse, in that order, before we run with it and apply ideas to design. We focus quickly and are adept at getting what we need to do our work. We uncover. 
We do this by engaging in important conversations and by questioning the comfortable. Our best work comes from having a variety of voices and perspectives at the table together early on. We talk intensely. We listen, We pause. 
We push a little. We arrive at a clear starting point together. The best part is, it doesn’t hurt or take long. Through daily account management, truly informative creative briefs, interactive creative presentations, and regularly scheduled progress updates and meetings, we stay on track and in touch with goals and needs. We are happy to live and breathe what you do, through you. All we ask is that you be honest and open-minded so that we can understand and leverage 
your best attributes in ways you may not have thought 
of or tried before.