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Candidates invited to fall Chamber events

Posted Thursday, August 30, 2018

If you hadn’t noticed, election season is ramping up! While the Chamber does not endorse candidates, we are very interested in educating our members and our communities regarding their choices in upcoming elections.

To that end, we are inviting candidates for certain elected offices to attend upcoming Chamber events this fall, including our September and October Business After Hours, and our Annual Awards Gala. (Please note that Chamber membership is not required to attend these events anytime, but we have proactively issued invitations to candidates for our fall events to provide opportunities for our members to meet candidates and ask questions in person.)

There will be no opportunity for candidates to speak to the assembled groups at these events. However, we will introduce and acknowledge the presence of any candidates for the offices listed below who attend these events, so that those in attendance can put a face with a name, and can take the opportunity to seek them out for a conversation if they so desire. We will only introduce the candidates themselves who are in attendance – we are unable to extend this courtesy to any representative or surrogate for the candidate.

We are extending this courtesy to candidates officially on the ballot for county, regional, state, and federal offices, including: District Attorney, Governor, Knox County Sheriff, Knox County Commissioner, Maine House Districts 91-95, Maine Senate District 12, US House District 1, and US Senate. We are unable to extend this courtesy to candidates for local races such as Select Boards, City Council, or School Boards.

We hope Chamber members will utilize these opportunities to connect with those seeking office, in addition to the great benefits of networking with other business leaders in our region through these events.