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      "name": "Business After Hours - October 2020",
      "date": "2020-10-20T00:00:00",
      "date_raw": "2020-10-20T14:00:00",
      "capacity": 50,
      "percentFull": 56,
      "capacityEmpty": 22,
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Business After Hours

Business After Hours is the premier networking event for area business professionals, giving you the opportunity to discuss and share ideas while learning about other local businesses and organizations in a relaxed, social setting. Presented monthly by the Penobscot Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Business After Hours - October 2020

Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Rain Date: October 22
4:00 - 6:00 PM
AIO Food and Energy Assistance
1A Gordon Drive, Rockland

This will be our first in-person Business After Hours event since March.

Join us at the AIO Food and Energy Assistance to see their new facility, and learn more about their work around food insecurity and energy assistance.

Please note, for the safety of all, we will be adhering to the following policies:

  • Every individual must pre-register to attend this event, and registration is limited to 50 attendees.
  • This event will be primarily an OUTDOOR event, so please dress accordingly.
  • Guided, small group tours of the new facility will be offered throughout the evening (each tour approx. 30 minutes in duration).
  • No food and beverages will be provided and we ask that no outside food and beverages be brought onto the property during this event.
  • The wearing of masks and social distancing will be required at all times, both inside the facility and outdoors.
  • Ample parking will be available next door at Bean Maine Lobster.

We look forward to seeing you at AIO!