"moduleName": "booking",
  "moduleDescriptor": {
    "templatePath": "/Layouts/Booking/list.html",
    "parameters": "filter=\"item\",itemId=\"\",collection=\"currentEvent\",template=\"\"",
    "apiEndpoint": "/api/v3/booking",
    "objectType": -1,
    "objectId": -1,
    "adminUrl": ""
  "params": {
    "filter": "item",
    "itemId": "",
    "collection": "currentEvent",
    "template": ""

Chamber Cafe

Next Chamber Cafe:
Wednesday, February 24, 2021



Your Chamber leadership wants to hear from you! Join the Chamber's 2021 Board Chair Jeff Hamilton and President & CEO Tom Peaco, at a virtual Chamber Cafe, via Zoom. You'll be one of 9 Chamber members at this event, where you'll have a brief update on the Chamber and its priorities, as well as an opportunity to discuss the current business climate and share with Chamber leaders how the organization can best support and serve you and your business at this time. The event is free to the first 9 business leaders to reply for each date. The event is designed for business owners or senior leaders to interact with senior leadership from the Chamber.


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