MCST Winter/Spring 2021 Courses now available

Posted January 14, 2021


You know you’re ready to spread your wings! To that end, we’re happy to assist with any new learning adventure you pursue. Our Winter/Spring 2021 course catalog arrived at your mailbox, or you can always view the pdf here. We’re excited for our course lineup (some available via Zoom; some at MCST), and the team here at the school makes sure we have a safe and healthy environment. You can register for classes on our website, Or call our office (207-596-7752 x3) Mondays through Thursdays, 9:30-5:00, to register with Heidi or Betsy over the phone.

Ready to get farther with your Machining skills? Join our in-person ‘Machining Part II’ course which runs on Monday evenings for 8 weeks, starting Jan. 25th.

Google Drive is becoming the preferred venue for keeping and sharing documents, creating spreadsheets and organizing files, as well as making slideshows and offering team editing. Learn the ins and outs of using it to your best advantage in 2 evening sessions (Jan. 26th and 28th), live or via Zoom.

‘Cyber Safety – Security Awareness’ presents multiple levels of scam that can penetrate your technology world. Learn the tricks and tactics scammers use to gain your personal information, and learn how to spot and avoid these traps. This 1-session class (live or via Zoom) runs on Tues., Jan. 26th from 6:30-8pm.

Is there more to Zoom than audio, video and chat? Learn how to share your screen, go to a breakout room, or change the meeting control settings for those sessions that expect more from you. ‘Zoom Deeper Dive’ (live or via Zoom) goes into details for the experienced Zoom user, with time provided to answer questions. Bring your device, the username and password on Wed. Jan. 27th, 5-8pm.

‘Intro to Podcasting’ opens up the possibilities of developing a personal or business podcast, at last! Learn from an experienced podcaster who shares tips and the Step-by-Step process of launching a podcast. This class is live on Thurs. Jan. 28th from 5-8pm.

Want to dabble in a musical instrument or understand how to write/edit/print your own music? ‘Intro to MuseScore’ is a 3-session course on how to use and enjoy the features of this score-writing program. This new, live class runs on 3 Thursdays, starting Jan. 28th, from 5-6:30pm.

Assess the possibility of short term rentals for some area of your property. Our AirBnB Intro course is offered on Zoom for 2 Tuesdays, beginning February 2nd, 6-8pm. A follow-up course moves you along in the process in April.

Excel 2019 Basics begins at the school on Feb. 2nd and runs for 6 Tuesdays, 6-8pm. It follows the Labyrinth Learning curriculum and provides long-term reference materials.

New this season is our Intro to SketchUp class. This commonly used 3D software for builders, designers, tradesmen, engineers, renovators, etc. helps convey designs, dimensions, shapes, as if it’s a “pencil with super powers”. This 1-night class runs on Wednesday, Feb. 3rd from 6-8pm.

We answer all manner of questions on our offerings, and gladly. Give us a try.